Building is repair and reconstruction are facade works
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Questions and answers

Answers to all your questions you can get, call us or come to our office. Here are collected frequently asked questions about construction.

Questions and answers

Can you see your objects?
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There are objects for display at any stage of execution of works and in different styles in the city of Kiev and Kiev region. You can see them in your own time in working days.
What material is chosen for the building?
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This is one of the most common questions that we hear from nearly every klienta.Odnoznachnogo answer to this question net.No understand the advantages and disadvantages of possible. It all depends on financial possibilities and wishes of the client.
Is there a license for your company?
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Our company has a valid license to engage in the construction of buildings and structures. A copy of the license provided in the office.
What do I need to start building? What are needed permits and other documents?
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Composition and nature of permits is dependent on many factors.
How to pay for your services?
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Construction cost is transparent and clearly justified. We offer a phased payment of our services.
What sequence of building a country house?
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If a building permit and is ready to house design we can begin construction.
We offer

You can do the construction of the cottage right now. For rational architectural solution, combined with the terrain and landscape of the site, the cottage will combine the comfort of a city apartment and the natural charm of a country house.
Our company offers a full range of overhaul and reconstruction of residential and industrial buildings and structures, regardless of its original functionality and level of deterioration.
Facade work by our experts who have experience of these works, knowledge of the latest developments in restoration technology using high quality materials, it is the success of the final result.
Projects of Ltd SALEX

projects which are presented in this heading behave to building and reconstruction
Mansion area of 700 m2, is on 97 piles up to 9 MP, consists of four floors.

Produced pereplanirovochnye and finishing work.

Manufactured facade work.

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