Building is repair and reconstruction are facade works
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About Company

Construction Company "Salex was founded in 2003 with specialization" construction of real estate luxury leisure, work and residence. "

His success on the Ukrainian market the company owes much of director Sergei Alexandrovich Aleksenko and highly skilled personalu.Segodnya firm Salex "is a fast growing construction company.

Why choose us?

offer consumers a wide choice of modern construction projects

individual approach in drafting

excellent after-sales service

skilled management of construction projects

quality construction of buildings and structures, control of all phases of construction, a professional approach to the choice of building materials

reconstruction and restoration of buildings, a comprehensive overhaul in the optimum time

competent professionals to answer any questions future owners of real estate

clear terms of payment

real price

Company Salex "appears in some projects as a representative of the customer's building or general contractor.

We offer

You can do the construction of the cottage right now. For rational architectural solution, combined with the terrain and landscape of the site, the cottage will combine the comfort of a city apartment and the natural charm of a country house.
Our company offers a full range of overhaul and reconstruction of residential and industrial buildings and structures, regardless of its original functionality and level of deterioration.
Facade work by our experts who have experience of these works, knowledge of the latest developments in restoration technology using high quality materials, it is the success of the final result.
Projects of Ltd SALEX

projects which are presented in this heading behave to building and reconstruction
Mansion area of 700 m2, is on 97 piles up to 9 MP, consists of four floors.

Produced pereplanirovochnye and finishing work.

Manufactured facade work.

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