Building is repair and reconstruction are facade works
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Facade works

Facade work by our experts who have experience of these works, knowledge of the latest developments in restoration technology using high quality materials, it is the success of the final result.

Facade works - a complex of services on the repair, restoration, tiling, installation of facade systems, as well as external insulation systems, aimed to improve both the appearance of the facade and the internal microclimate of the building as a whole.

One of the most difficult types of work for the finishers is the restoration of facades, because the process of restoration is very difficult, much easier to work on finishing the facade of new construction. Usually restore the facades of the buildings that define the style of a street or are of historical value. For the proper and qualitative performance of works needed preliminary examination and survey of existing coverage. To accurately determine the future process of restoration, you need to know the device facades, their structure and life. Restoration of the facade requires a certain baggage of knowledge not only of painting and decorating, but also knowledge of the interaction of old materials, which are present on the facade and new, that restoration works are carried out.

Repair of facades can be capital and cosmetic. Cosmetic repairs can be called, which is not directed at the entire area of the facade, and its separate parts. This may be a sealing cracks, stucco, plaster and assembly of individual parts such as moldings, moldings, etc. Overhaul of the facade takes much longer.

And renovation works can be divided into several stages:

development and coordination of the future appearance of the facade;

preparation phase of the facade for the finishing works (removal of old coatings, cleaning the area of works from the dilapidated parts and dirt, restoration of decorative elements, etc.);

phase of major works (rehabilitation, equalization, plastering);

final finishing work (priming and painting).

The basis of success of facade work depends on the careful pretreatment for painting. Repair of plinth, eaves, sills, gutters, foundation deformability and its adsorbing capacity, the pH level - all this must be taken into account. In addition, to analyze how a new layer of paint will be compatible with the old.

Depending on the material and technologies that are used in facades, facade works are divided into:

Installation of "wet" facades.

Installation of suspended facade systems.

Repair of facade.

Facing facades.

Creating a "wet" facade - this installation of insulation material to the wall surface with adhesive and mechanical connectors, and then creating it layers of plaster and synthetic materials.

Installation of suspended facade systems - a system for ventilated facade, which is a protective and decorative facing part, which is mounted at some distance from the wall. Typically, finishing a ventilated facade made of a hinged panels, porcelain or natural stone.

Finish facades lining that protects the insulation and structural engineering, protects the building from damage and fires, the facade can be easily cleaned of dirt, and when damaged is high maintainability. Cladding panels with different texture and rich color choices give individuality to each building.

Our company provides services to perform front works that can be carried out as in the whole plane of the facade and in a limited area.

Projects of this heading
Projects of Ltd SALEX

projects which are presented in this heading behave to building and reconstruction
Mansion area of 700 m2, is on 97 piles up to 9 MP, consists of four floors.

Produced pereplanirovochnye and finishing work.

Manufactured facade work.

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