Building is repair and reconstruction are facade works
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Repair and reconstruction

Our company offers a full range of overhaul and reconstruction of residential and industrial buildings and structures, regardless of its original functionality and level of deterioration.
Specialists LLC Salex "capable of carrying out projects for the reconstruction of buildings of almost any level of complexity. With a focus on quality of work and strict observance of their production technology.

Reconstruction of buildings and structures - more popular service on the market of construction works. Becomes more and more obsolete factories, which buy out the purpose of their conversion into a shopping and entertainment centers, offices and banks. Reconstruction - an affordable, quick and less expensive way to obtain the finished product you will be able to operate for many years, rather than building from scratch.

Repair and reconstruction is still better to exercise with the help of specialized firms or companies providing such services. First you need to choose a company that provides a clear value of a specified type of work, you must either meet with them personally, or invite them to your site, where will be drawn up estimates of performance.

In addition, considerable importance is the monitoring of the work on-site representative of the company, which is ultimately responsible for the result.

Practical experience of many construction companies shows the need for special attention to the issue of supply of material and technical resources for implementation of the contractual relationship. Therefore, the organization works, supply of building materials plays an important role. Because of how exactly will follow the schedule of delivery depends on the implementation dates. In some cases, the acquisition and delivery of materials the customer incurs. In this case, liability for failure to date of works is the customer. However, most construction companies are engaged in the delivery of necessary construction materials, it allows them not to depend on the customer and to comply with schedules. Considerable importance is attached to and quality of materials used, and compliance with technology execution.

Our company for the period of its existence on the market providing services to repair and reconstruction of buildings has developed a certain order and sequence of operations. This allows us to perform high quality work and pass that object agreed in the contract period the customer. Based on a design project, or technical specifications drawn up cost estimates, which reflects not only the cost of the works, but also the need of building materials.

After agreeing on the value of an object is passed to the Executive. If a contract of the company itself provides a necessary building materials, transportation and loading costs of a separate budget. If the customer under the contract itself acquires building materials, it is exclusively at the request executor. In this case, the request may include tools and supplies.

All types of work carried out on an agreed schedule with the customer and start with the dismantling of the walls and implementation of preparatory work. After that, begin to mount partitions and structural elements of walls, plaster, flooring, ceiling and decoration works, and only in this sequence.

More details about all aspects of repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures you can find out by contacting our company.
Projects of this heading
Projects of Ltd SALEX

projects which are presented in this heading behave to building and reconstruction
Mansion area of 700 m2, is on 97 piles up to 9 MP, consists of four floors.

Produced pereplanirovochnye and finishing work.

Manufactured facade work.

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