Building is repair and reconstruction are facade works
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Building and Construction

You can do the construction of the cottage right now. For rational architectural solution, combined with the terrain and landscape of the site, the cottage will combine the comfort of a city apartment and the natural charm of a country house.

Before the construction of your cottage to the object specialist visits in order to study the soil, topography, availability of utilities and roads. The specialist also makes recommendations to the location cottages and ancillary buildings.

During the construction of the cottage are important climatic conditions. They are characterized by temperature and humidity, wind, sleet, geophysical parameters. Climatic influences on the specifics of the location of rooms in cottages, determines the choice of construction technology cottage.

When you choose a layout, it is necessary to take into account the size and demographic composition of the family. According to the regulations the amount of air per person is 25-38 cubic meters. Accordingly, it should be used to calculate the area of the premises.

The total period of service of residential houses, cottages and ancillary structures depends on the durability of the main load-bearing structures. This foundation, walls, floors and roofs.

Before starting construction, you need to decide which calls for a vacation home, and from that draw on. Conventionally divided into holiday homes country houses, cottages and houses for permanent residence. Holiday is usually calculated on a seasonal residence. They also can live in winter time. Building construction can withstand temperatures down to -15 ....- 25 degrees. When construction is taken into account the architectural appearance of the house of the premises. The causes which impel people living in big cities to buy land and build their homes, many, but the most basic, perhaps, the desire to spend summer vacation, a weekend at sezhem air, surrounded by flowers and trees.

Prospective developer before build your own cottage, gather a pile of projects to discuss the family council, which one is best. Weigh all the pros and cons. And with great seriousness react to the question: what does building your own house? The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist, because choice of material depends on the financial possibilities of the customer and destination of the future house. If a country house designed only for seasonal accommodation for outings on weekends, the best option is likely to be made of wood (beams, logs) or frame-shield cottage. The tree has the lowest (compared with other materials), heat capacity, so this house is easier heated. For permanent residence more suitable tenement house of brick or its analogs, light-concrete blocks, etc. It is quite difficult to answer the question - the house of what materials will be cheaper? Only if the project can produce accurate estimates of costs and to compare these or other materials in terms of price and quality, and sometimes the deciding factor may be the proximity of the manufacturer, allowing to save on transportation costs, or other unforeseen circumstances. In any case, the final choice rests with the customer and, more often, depending on tastes and preferences.

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projects which are presented in this heading behave to building and reconstruction
Mansion area of 700 m2, is on 97 piles up to 9 MP, consists of four floors.

Produced pereplanirovochnye and finishing work.

Manufactured facade work.

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